Skegness Carnival Royalty

Our Royalty this year have done an amazing job promoting the Skegness carnival at countless events and will continue to do so for the rest of their royalty year.

Anyone wishing to book them for an event must do so through the contact form below.

In July, the new crowning will take place and we have decided to change the criteria for entrants. Whereas in previous years the winners have been judged on what is now perceived outdated; the new King and Queen for 2018 will instead be recognised for outstanding contribution or achievements and we will be inviting members of the public to nominate anyone who they feel would be a worthy winner thus creating more of a community spirit around the event in finding our new “Pride of Skegness Royalty”

The new Royalty will lead the carnival parade and be a huge part of the week, plus be invited to future events should they wish to attend. They also receive a prize and trophy plus get to wear the traditional Carnival sash.
This competition will be open to anyone.

Carnival Royalty Sponsors

Are you interesting in sponsoring the 2018 ‘Pride of Skegness’ Carnival Royalty? Please feel free to send us an email to and we will happy send your through more information.

    Book the Royalty

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