Carnival Parade Entry Form

Parade Day: Sunday 13th August 2023
Theme: Fairy Tales

Closing Date for Entries: 6th August 2023
Entry Fee: FREE
Any donation towards the organising of the event is graciously welcome

Contact Address
You must submit a completed risk assessment and public Liability in order to take part in the parade.

Important Legal Notice
On behalf of this Carnival Entry, I agree to abide by the rules and decisions of the Skegness Carnival Committee. The Carnival Committee Members and Organisers accept no responsibility for loss, injury or accidental damage to persons or property, however caused. All entrants will be responsible for their own vehicle and Public Liability Insurance etc

My signature on behalf of this entry, agrees that I have read and understand all the Carnival Rules. I am also submitting a completed risk assessment at the same time. Risk assessment forms are available to download from the Skegness Carnival website.